1 Outfit worn 2 Ways! How to to Wear Burgundy to Work.

1 Outfit worn 2 Ways! How to to Wear Burgundy to Work.

What I love about H&M- the basic pieces of most collections are affordable and look good with higher end garments 60% of the time. 

Get the look for less Basics

From the Studio collection at H&M –

Long wool Coat  $80 hm.com

(There’s a similar one in the modern classics department if your in the store and they are sold out.)

Melange Grey Sweatshirt $35 hm.com

White Halter Neck top $35 hm.com

(There are similar Halters in the Divided Departments inside the store for around $20) I was in the Flat Iron Store this morning in NYC & an amazing associate pulled every White Halter top in the store until we found a few that worked.

Get The Look!!!

Burgundy is tricky color to Wear Well.  If done improperly you can look very old and slightly dated.  So how to wear it?

1. Find a statement piece in a color block pattern using sophisticated neutrals.  It keeps the look young & fresh. 

2. Match your Heels to the color of the skirt but make sure the heel is dual toned.  You need the contrast of the 2 colors to highlight the skirt.

3. Wear a Halter under a Blazer for an easy day to night look.

4. An Oversized Sweatshirt with a tiny bit of Sport like striping can be a good alternate for a Sporty Trendy Look under the blazer or on it’s own with the skirt.

5. Burgundy or darker oxblood accessories- if the cuff and handbag are darker they will work in harmony with the brighter skirt and shoe colors to polish the look and pull it all together.


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