Sophisticated Chic Work Looks- How to Wear Burgundy/ Oxblood

Sophisticated Chic Work Looks- How to Wear Oxblood

Fashion Finds

2 Tone Peep Toe Heel $112

Retro Sunglasses $8.50

Wool Blend Swing Coat $112

How to Get The Look

1. Oxblood is a wonderful color to create chic sophisticated looks with a retro vibe.  Start with a peplum crew neck top.  The peplum detail will keep the outfit  slightly feminine regardless of how you style it.

2. A dark skirt with an oxblood floral print.  The dual tone pattern looks amazing in traditional Asian Floral Designs.  Try a hip hugging skirt in a soft fabric with a kick pleat or aysymmetrical finish for a look that is sure to get you noticed.

3. Brighten the Look with A White or Ivory Swing coat (think Retro 1950’s designs from Christian Dior or Balenciaga) this one was discovered at H&M for $112.

4. Keep the Color Young (remember burgundy and oxblood age you & not in a good way if worn incorrectly). Do match your heels to the color of your top.  The rule of thirds applies here Top/skirt/shoes are accented with color.  The heels are dual tone to keep outfit  young. 

5. Go Black with Retro Accessories- the sunglasses and Handbag will tie your outfit together with sophisticated polish & a slightly sexy edge.


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