Top Trend – Coat Chic- Go Neutral

Top Trend - Coat Chic- Go Neutral

If I were to decide on only one coat to buy this season, it would be a camel coat trimmed in black.  I love beige, camel, tan, but regrettably they don’t always give me back the same love.  Too close to my face and I’m paler than most ghosts which is not always the best fashion statement , so I go dual tone as a cheat fix.  If I have one dual tone piece, it’s common practice to pull the look together with another… usually an accessory.  Here the purse works!

The bow tie sandals are on my hit list for must have fall fashion buys!

The holidays are quickly creeping up on us and these will make a statement with so many party dresses!  Right now they work with jeans and a tee.  When the weather gets a bit more grim I will battle the cold front with these lovelies by adding a sock.  It will still work with denim, but it will also look like a chic textured ankle boot when matched with the right dress.


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