Chunky Knit, Metallic Pants, Embellished Heels & What to do with it

Chunky Knit, Metallic Pants, Embellished Heels & What to do with it

This pant is awesome in an unexpected way.  It lures you in by it’s shiny nature.  But is it too shiny to look OK for “out and about”?  How do you turn it into a “Sunday Morning” look?

The answer:

Shiny light color on the bottom half of you requires a dark color on top unless you are going to a disco. A mock or turtle neck sweater is a MUST for the Sweater.  (A crew neck or a V-neck will make you look all bright and shiny again. ) Why? The crew neck and v-neck bring the eye down, while a taller neck sweater brings the eye up towards the face.  We are looking to get a Sunday Morning Cozy effect and less Saturday Night Fever look.

So why the High Heel Sandals?  It adds polish when you take the sweater off and wear the shiny jeans with a tee.  The best t-shirt for this look should be loose fit and Round Neck.  Why?  The tee is lightweight in fabric. You need boxy fits to make the look casual.  A heel works for City Chic Casual.  If you are looking for something flat, try a loose fit black t-shirt with (low top) black Chuck Taylor’s.  Another footwear option is a pointy toe (matte finish) leather loafer.

The Sweater (Jumper)

A good trick to finding an amazing oversize Sweater like the one in this outfit-

Try the guys department at Eddie Bauer , H&M or American Eagle.

They make high quality thick snuggly men’s sweaters at half the price we pay in the Women’s Department.

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