Lace & Leopard Lady Like Luxe

Lace & Leopard Lady Like Luxe
Stylist Tricks
Hair Clips work great as shoe clips!  You can buy them on the cheap at Top Shop, H&M & Any Accessory store at the Mall.  Sometimes you need something extra to tie your look together.  Sometimes you have a great look but you may want to tone down the statement.
Leopard is an Animal! The look is a statement all by itself but sometimes it can be tricky to wear.  Sometimes it can be “too much”.  So how do you tame the Animal? Ironically the answer is black lace.  A lace shoe with a black lace overlay top actually work together to “tame the beast” and make it a softer more approachable daytime look.  No one does this better than Dolce & Gabbana.  Think about it… Why do the looks stand out so much on the runway without being ” too much”…
Here, I wanted to focus on a chunky knit with the skirt.  The knit and the animal print pencil skirt work well together and could have been paired with a simple black high heel.  Yet, I didn’t do this.  I wanted the mesh overlay Nicholas Kirkwood Ankle boots!  I wanted them with this outfit to show a client an edgy sophisticated evening out look that would be in her comfort zone.  Without lace on bottom & lace on top to make it a more suitable day look, I had to get creative.  Bows on ankle boots are big this year.  Bows also have a way of making things look a bit more demure.  The matte finish textile of the bow now ties in the matte black knit.  The hair clip turned shoe clip doesn’t harm the shoe, adds a new dimension to the lace look of the boot & ties in the Sweater the same way a lace/ on lace trick would.  Now we are street chic by day with a cute unexpected look.

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