Sculpted Heels And Art Deco Shoes – Trend 2014

Sculpted Heels And Art Deco Shoes - Trend 2014
The Shoes
The Trend
The Sculpted Heel
They are both beautiful and fierce piece’s of artwork adorning your feet this season.
They can also be as intimidating to wear as they are beautiful decorations of style & design.
The Irony?
They are more comfortable & easier to wear on your feet for longer periods of time than the  stiletto high heel.  As always, the trick to wearing the shoe is in the fit.
First….Look at the Shoe.
The fierce slanted piece at the back of the heel is a stabilizer.  It connects to the actual heel to provide balance. It will redistribute your body weight back onto the surface area of the heel rather than the actual heel itself ( unlike in a stiletto where all of your body weight sits on the heels center).  Plus this extra sculpted piece also looks amazing!!!!  Don’t be scared of it because it doesn’t “look” like it would be comfortable.  It may be the most comfortable pair of heels you ever own due in part to the genius of it’s design.
Second…..the construction & fit.
Grab a tape measure & measure the bottom heel of your foot from outside to inside.  Once you have a number mark it down.  Now measure your pinky finger, the flat part below your finger nail.  Mark down the measurement of this number.  Why are we doing this?  The actual heel part of the shoe that is the architectural main support column holding you upright in these magnificent works of art are thin and wide across the base of the heel on your foot.   This high heel central part should be 1/2 to a full pinky length shorter at the bottom of the heel than the measurement of your actual foots heel to prevent shoe pain in the arch of your foot or in your lower back.  This shape & design is a lot of fun to wear.  These shoes are Fendi Iridia suede. Zara will probably come out with a similar design around the holidays.  The fit rules work the same for both high and low end footwear.  So if you like the look, keep the fit notes in mind and have fun with it.

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