Shoe Trend 2014- These Heels were made for Walking – A Guide to Wearing them Well!

Shoe Trend 2014- These Heels were made for Walking - A Guide to Wearing them Well!

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The New Stiletto Heel

These bad boys in Women’s Fashion are brought to you by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy!

Blush Pink, a bit of reptile inspiration at the back, in a suede t-strap & the latest fashion craze in footwear! Yes!!!!! I’m sold!!!! Bring me the fashion!  The latest design in a heel has us gushing over the industrial stiletto.  Could any other bit of footwear genius be more inspiring or make us ask a bigger question….

How do you wear it?

The key to a successful strut down the street in this evolutionary wonder is truly going to be in the fit & construction of the shoe.  Lesson 1- a peep toe needs to have a very, very small opening at the toe in order for the shoe to be “wearable”. Why?

Granted, it is called a peep toe but you DO NOT want to actually see your toe.  This is why it is called a “peep toe” and not a “see toe” sandal. When you raise the back of your foot “up” in a high heel, the front of your foot is instantly pushed forward by the force of gravity.  With an open toe shoe, if the opening is too large, the shoe is now a meat slicer for your poor feet.  No bandage tricks will save you.

Lesson 2- If you have a nice curve on the bottom of your foot from the heel of the foot to the toe then buy the shoe in your normal size.  It has to be comfortable when you stand in them.  Any pain and you either have the wrong size or the shoe is wrong for you.  Try 1 size up and 1 size down when you are in the store. A high arch foot needs the arch of the shoe to fit snuggly against the foot for comfort.  If your toes are pushing too far forward in the shoe, you have the wrong size.

If there is a very, very small curve to your foot or it is almost a straight line (flat foot) you can still wear a heel but you need to go up 1 size from the size that comforts you in a flat shoe. This will help to distribute your weight when you switch to a high heel.  The shoes arch should now press flat against your foot & be more comfortable.

Lesson 3- The “high heel” of the “shoe heel” needs to be in the center of the heel of your foot to evenly carry your weight.  If the heel is too far forward… you will feel pain in the arch of your foot.  If the heel is too far back… you will feel like your going to trip. (it throws off your natural center of balance when it is placed here).  If you feel pain or a lot of “pressure” on the ball of your foot, usually this is from the heel of the shoe being a little “off center ” to the left or right of your foots center.  This last problem is easily fixed with a shoe cushion that slides into the front of your shoe.

So, think about the shoes on your feet.  Think about how they fit and where they hurt your feet.  When you walk into the shoe store the next time, think about where the weight of your body is falling onto the shoe. The secret of NYC women’s ability to traverse the streets of the city in high heels for 8 hours a day is in the fit.  We also put a second pair of shoes in our bag as a “just in case my feet won’t make through fabulousness” moment.


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