The How to Guide of Brown – What to Wear

The How to Guide of Brown - What to Wear

Autumn, when the leaves begin to change everyone dresses in traditional colors for the season.  This season there’s a new twist to the traditional trend of Brown, Mustard, Orange & Red.  We are changing the shades this season & mixing the bold dark neutrals with colors more commonly reserved for Spring.  Try Apricot versus Orange.  Wear a sexy fluted skirt to fit your hips and flare out at your legs.  The look of ladylike fashion this year is all about the swing! Get into your “A game” Street Chic Apparel by adding a pair of apricot tinted sunglasses then top it off with an apricot belt for accent. (Remember the Rule of 3 in fashion! Working a color into a pulled together head to toe look requires 3 items.)

Work the Look with a cropped brown leather jacket.  With Retro looks in Vogue right now, adding a pair of chic driving gloves is a must.  As long as there is not a lot of fussy detail being layered into the upper half of your look, it’s ok to add a long necklace.

The Ladylike “Girly” Details of Sophisticated Chic

fluted skirt

bow ties at the ankle of the shoes

Subtle draping of the top


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