Trend 2014 – Less is More! How to Wear Sequin Pants with Daytime Style!

Trend 2014- Less is More! How to Wear Sequin Pants by Day with Wardrobe Basics

For The Love of All Things Bright & Shiny!

Fashion is about creativity and expressing your individual statement.  It’s your front page advertisement to the way in which you wish the world to see you.  Sometimes, you REALLY want the world to see YOU!  Sometimes we wake up with the need to express ourselves.  Let’s face it…sometimes we just want to SHINE!!!! So why not do it with a pair of sequin trousers?

Fashion is about being confident.  You either are or you are not; & your personal fashion reflects this.  A stylish woman makes her fashion look effortless.  A Stylish woman you see walking down the street from several blocks away.  A Stylish woman you SEE, hair done up in a top knot, coffee in hand, wearing a white cotton button down with sequin trousers and a cool pair of retro shades on.  A stylish woman wears that 1 piece (just one) that makes a huge statement ( like black sequin trousers in the middle of the day on a Sunday afternoon).  A stylish woman makes you WANT to be like her…well dressed, cool…effortless and chic.  A fashionable woman will wear the latest fashion and make you notice the fashion… maybe not so much of the woman.  This is the difference between Fashion & Style.  You can have both…. so take a page from the super chic and try mixing and matching the simple basic neutral cotton tee’s and knits in your wardrobe with those cheeky fashion statements you have been working up the courage to wear.  Basic Rule of Contrast – If you have something shiny..try toning down the shine with a high quality cotton blend.  Make the world notice YOU first and then your fashion!


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