Trend Piece’s – Denim Layers – Bohemian Style Winter Must Have Layers -2014 Fashion Trends

Trend Piece's - Denim Layers - Bohemian Style Winter Must Have Layers 2014 Style

 Trending Piece’s Bohemian Style Winter

A Colorful Shaggy Fur Coat

Peep Toe Bohemian Ankle Bootie

If one were about to throw themselves on the alter of fashion, the Burberry leather ankle booties are a good place to start.  Worried about your toes? Toss on a pair of cream ankle socks, preferably with a dainty bit of ruffle to peek out over the top of the ankle boot and show off your Bohemian Style Know How.

Build up your wardrobe basics with a relaxed fit jean ( this pair is J.Crew), then add a Ribbed Cream V-neck ( $33 H&M ).  The idea of the outfit is to keep the Base Layers as simple as possible.  The shoes are your statement piece (without the jacket) and they are complimented by the blue tint in the vintage 80’s inspired shades.

Now that your main outfit is simple, understated, and accented with a small dash of style know how… it’s time to go retro fabulous with the shaggy fur coat.   When mixing prints, keeping to the same style trend works best.  The diagonal lines in the coat focus attention down towards the shoe.  One tends to notice the Bohemian Accents more than the 2 different patterns.  This can make the difference between wearable fashion and styling mistakes.  As long as the colors in your Bohemian piece’s are the same, they will compliment the Bohemian Theme and your outfit will work.


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