Street Style Statements in Casual Luxury

Street Style Statements in Casual Luxury

Elements of Style

Street Style

Season Trends

The Key to this Season’s “it’ list is knowing how to mix the basic elements of High Fashion.  It’s about pattern, print, color & texture.  It’s about creating the “right” mix of all of these things into a single outfit.  Once you have figured this out… the old rule less is more was tossed out the window for Autumn 2014 with the new motto ” more is more but keep it simple.”

The Key

1) Color – Handbag & Velvet heel pick up the same color in the splash print Balenciaga Jean.

2) Print- The splash print Balenciaga Skinny Jean stands out & functions as your statement piece.

3)Texture – Christian Dior Python Print handle bag, Velvet Charlotte Olympia embellished Heel, Dries Van Noten faux fur Coat plus Cotton T-shirt and Jeans.

How is this Simple?

At it’s core, the outfit is a cotton t-shirt with Jeans, High heels and a faux fur coat.  Grab a handbag & GO chic.

It’s what the piece’s are made out of & how they are put together that make it great street style.


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