At Home & Out-N-About Weekend Outfit

At Home & Out-N-About Weekend Outfit

After 1 full week of being cast back into the dark age’s of slow internet speeds, there’s a lot of catching up to do.  We all have days where the desire for comfort can clash with the need to run weekend errands.  There is also the pressure of claiming our “right” to enjoy our weekend and cram a bit of fun into an all too limited 2 day schedule before coffee heavy hands stomp back into the often dreaded Monday Blues.  At these times, we need an outfit that can do it all and be suitable to go everywhere we need to go.

A long blended wool double breasted trench coat is one of the best investment piece’s you can possess.  In black this coat is truly a treasure.  The buttons can always be changed to update the look or down play it depending on the latest trending fashions year after year.  This coat has 6 rows of buttons but you can add a 7th row to the neck.  Why would you want to do this?  It will increase the function and utility of the garment.  When you add an extra row of buttons, it allows you to flip the notched collar up and protect your neck from the cold.  The now mandarin collar effect you have just created also looks a bit more edgy and very urban chic.  The coat will carry the style of whatever outfit you have underneath it.  This is a good thing.

Vegan leather pants are as comfortable as jeans and look better than leggings!  When I add a dual tone pointy toe heel with a silver statement necklace, the look is dressy enough to meet friends for cocktails later.  It is the weekend so a comfy t-shirt is not an “option” for me but a “must have”.  The entire outfit was created around this 1 simple piece in order to prevent the look of “on my way to yoga class”  or ” yes, I’m still wearing my pyjama’s”!

A cropped jacket makes the look “proper” for day.  This one is vintage Chanel but any vintage inspired cropped jacket will pull the look together.  The trick is in the detail.  The long coat is double breasted so the cropped blazer should be a single row of buttons or a zipper to contrast & balance the look of the outfit.  The shorter jacket will help define your waist plus accent your curves.  It’s ok if the jacket is solid black but any piping detail or slash pockets is going to build that look into the “extra” zone of city chic.  Color is needed to keep the ” I’m doing work on a weekend”  blah’s way.  Simple is best, A structured bag in cool tone is “just enough” color to make you stand out with style.

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