Ladylike Guide to Wearing A Patent Leather Statement Skirt

Ladylike Guide to Wearing A Patent Leather Statement Skirt

A word of wisdom from a recent series of “style” and “error”.  If the patent leather skirt is too big or too boxy in the cut, you will look like you are walking around  wrapped in plastic.  This skirt has to have hanger appeal before it goes anywhere near your body.  So how do you tell which one is “right” ?  It’s a pencil skirt, it should have the illusion of hugging the body.  On the hanger, the waist band should be only slightly smaller than the dimension of the hips ( this will give you a better fit in an unforgiving fabric).  The fabric is incredibly structured, it needs an upside down V shape slit in the back to allow natural movement.  The waist should fit like a low rise pair of jeans at your hip bone.  If the waistband is thicker than 2 finger spaces the fabric will bunch at the hips like a square box.  When you hold the skirt up on it’s hanger the bottom of the skirt should look tapered (slanted in at an angle) If the bottom does not angle in and it is square, it will also fit you like a big giant rectangle.

After the fit, styling is simple.  A retro striped blouse keeping the eye down to highlight the shoes.  A structured patent leather handbag works in conjunction with the skirt to both highlight and minimize the glossy material.  The shoe is not patent leather, the rule of 3 must be broken in this instance.  Instead, the metallic heel in silver brings out the skirt in a more subtle way, while the black matte finish toe compliments the black brocade coat.


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