The Luxe Look of Lavender – Ladylike Chic

The Luxe Look of Lavender - Ladylike Chic


A pony skin pencil skirt in lilac creates an alluring silhouette, the perfect skirt to wear with Leather over the Knee High Heel Boots!  This outfit is about smooth rich texture and monochromatic color.  A small word of warning, a knit sweater or fine gauge will create “bulk” so a jersey or cotton top is the best option to keep the look smooth.  Draping hides a multitude of figure issues.  A small list of things I hear shopping with women all over the world… ” My bust is too small”, “My bust is too big”, ” I want to look sexy but hide my stomach”,  “My waist is too small & my hips are too big”,  ” My waist is too square & I feel like a footballer in a skirt but I want to look feminine” I have some of these issues as well.  This is why jersey draping in a top or a dress is the best invention since the wholesale packaging of sliced bread!  When you find the right size (forget about the number on the label with this garment) the draping magically fixes 8,000 issues.  When the drape effect works, (sometimes trying on every size the store has in 2-3 different brands is required until you find “the one”) you stand up straighter & feel more confident.  When it “works”, it’s like true love.  You don’t have to second guess it, you “just know”.

Now that a smooth silhouette has you feeling confident; we need a coat.  Winter can be a bit depressing because our best outfits are hidden from view by the need for warmth.  This season Vintage Looks save us from freezing to death in our vanity!  Think of Jacques Fath & Christian Dior’s  Chic Elegant Sophisticated Coats from the 1950’s.  The Maria Cornejo coat in this outfit works with the same vintage inspiration for modern times.  The collarless cocoon silhouette with waffle weave texture acts as an outer dress to show off your sleek, shiny, high heel boots & give you another reason to shop for purple accessories.


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