Trending Now – Metallic Heels with Fur Trimmed Accessories – How to Get the Look Now!

Trending Now - Metallic Heels with Fur Trimmed Accessories - How to Get the Look Now!

Gold High Heels

Where to go to get the Perfect Gold Shoe for Less!

A Fashion DIY Moment for those who Sew!

Sustainable Fashion

Part 1 The Handbag

The bag is a square shape piece of fabric folded in half, sew the sides & attach a zipper.  Simple sewing 101. Here’s an easy cheat for beginners who are concerned about the lining.  Measure a pretty color piece of poly fabric to the shape of your fur fabric.  Fur side down, Shiny poly fabric side up on top of the fur piece- Literally sew the 2 piece’s of fabric together in a square  and then form your bag.

There’s another cheat that’s easier than this one that will give you a little better quality fabric and half of the work.  Shop in flea markets, the mall, department store’s and second hand stores.  Look for last season’s fur gloves or fur infinity scarves.  This time of year, before the Winter accessories arrive, you can find these items in sale bins for under $10. The scarves only need to be sewn together on the bottom to form your bag.  The bonus is that they are already lined.  The gloves, cut the hand part off, sew the bottom & if you know how to sew above beginner level – you can use the hands to sew pockets inside your new bag.  Of course, odds are still pretty good that you can also find the fur bag on sale & save yourself 100% of the work 🙂 .  Happy Shopping!

Part 2 The Coat DIY

Sewing Know How is Required

Shopping – You are going to hunt down a single breasted coat in a micro suede or water repellent material (it’s easy to work with)  If you can, find a light weight wool/poly blend, this is even easier.  Where to look- Second Hand Stores, Sale Racks at the Mall and Flea Markets for a cheap $20 or $30 coat.  The next destination- fabric store.  Look for a smooth satin or other shiny fabric.  Also get a packet of hook and eye closure’s unless you do well with forming button holes then you won’t need them.  I know advanced sewing guru’s who hate button holes so hook and eye is my cheat.  The last item is a short length faux fur scarf.

Step 1 – Sew loops onto the inside collar of your new coat.

Step 2 – Sew buttons onto the inside lining of your faux fur sale scarf.

Congratulations you have just created a removable faux fur collar coat!

Step 3 – You are going to create the shiny band around the middle of your coat.  For more instruction about how to sew the band in more detail consult google.  I will give you the basic idea.  Try your coat on, take a scarf out of your closet then wrap it around your middle to get an idea of how big you want the band to be and where you want it be on your coat.  I recommend leaving the first 2 buttons alone and placing the fabric strip just under the 1st button, have the fabric cover the 2nd button and attach the fabric band just under the next button.  Sew the band around the middle and attach the hook closures where your former button used to be placed.  Good Luck & don’t be afraid to experiment with different color bands.


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