Beach Inspired Style – Casual Update

Beach Inspired Style - Casual Update


Working Wardrobe- 1 Suit + Denim Basics then Add Leather

Working Wardrobe- 1 Suit + Denim Basics then Add Leather

Get The Look – Street Chic – Utility Style Piece’s for Autumn 2014

Get The Look - Street Chic - Utility Style Piece's for Autumn 2014

Ciao a Tutti!

Hello to Everyone!

Styling Well is about Creative Thinking as Much as it is about Attention to Detail.

What do you Notice?

The outfit is Cool Right?

Why is it Cool?  What grabs your attention and makes you want to look at it some more?

Tan Skirt, Red Coat, Embroidered Shoes, A Graphic Tee & a Floppy Hat?  Look again… it’s more than that.

What makes an item fashion candy?  IT’s the Detail!

The Balmain Pencil Skirt is your stand out statement piece because it is so rich with detail.  Look at it again.

The cargo pockets, the flap on the pocket… the button on that flap… that draws your eye into it, like fashion candy.  Then there’s the wrap of the skirt… secured with 3 more buttons, and a sexy slit up the front.  The waist band is rich with detail too, but this time it’s in the double stitching & the extra bit of belt loop.

What is better and more simple than an average graphic tee to go with the skirt?  It’s understated, it’s casual, it’s a basic item in every woman’s closet and it’s sporty.

Is that all this tee is though?

Look again….

It’s not ordinary by any standard shirt design, it’s full of less obvious detail that compel you to like it.  The detail is in the sleeve that is not quite capped but not exactly sleeveless.  The length is shorter than an average standard cotton tee but it’s not really cropped.  The neckline…. a standard crew neck but what makes it so marvelous is the lack of banding for the collar.  It appears to be seamless.  Then there is the Graphic… Gold on Black in Bold Lettering & an exclamation mark!  Hi!  Ciao!  IT’s a statement not simply a comment.  The Details do matter in fashion.  They influence our buying decisions and feed our compulsive spending habits.  It also looks very chic and casual with the skirt.  The outfit now begins to take shape…

A long coat… In Red!!!  It’s the seasons hottest color and a statement color that commands attention no matter where it is.  The coat is providing detail to the outfit…. it’s making another statement.  In case you missed me in the neutral colors, Notice me now!  Notice my outfit!  The coat is long, the skirt and top are short.  The contrast plus the addition of red for color now make you pay attention to the entire outfit.  Don’t stop here though, look at the sleeves…they are gathered at the cuff.  Look at the pockets….they are placed low on the garment….at knee level, instead of at the hip.  Pay attention to the lapel…so long and narrow…drawing your eye down to well placed lower than normal pockets.  This makes it not only a chic subtle coat of refined statement, it’s cut in such a way that one can not help themselves but to look at the shoes.

If the shoe fits… so to speak, is it as eye catching as the rest of the outfit.

Yes, the embroidery pulls you in.  This one small detail is very graphic yet understated to compliment the bold graphic of the t-shirt.  The effect…. Chicness.  Yes, we are beginning to have style but we are not yet there.  The leather driving gloves & a floppy hat ooze chic fashion & Style.  Are you ready to put your own stamp on the world?